It’s mind-boggling.     It’s innovative.    It’s magical.

It’s a landscape where everything will be connected to the IoT Frontier.

It’s the Internet of Things.

IoT has become more than just a passing buzzword, it has experienced exponential growth to date, and is projected to have 200 billion connected things.


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Ideabytes® is a multi-faceted, global enterprise providing turnkey solutions in the IoT frontier.


  • Test automation
  • Transportation solutions
  • Media distribution & streaming
  • Retail shopping
  • Banking
  • Elderly care applications
  • IoT product development
  • Embedded solutions

Where nothing is impossible.

Innovative software solution provider- because one size does not fit all

If only one size would fit all! Every company is unique in its way of working, processes, and products. This calls for a custom solution that is customized for a perfect fit rather than having to adapt to solutions that are not quite right. Since 2009 Ideabytes has been working diligently to provide its solutions that have cost savings in excess of 30% which makes us stand out from the competition.

Ideabytes provides Services in Software testing (automated and manual), custom application development for IOT, Web and Cloud based solutions in Java, PHP, C++. The transportation division develops and supports solutions that cater to the transportation of Dangerous Goods by Air, Sea and Land with a unique portfolio DG Safety Management Solutions. The media division provides unique solutions for broadcasters to distribute the signal to relay points using the internet instead of satellite.

IOT solutions

IOT the hottest evolving space and Ideabytes is a development partner for Kii. Ideabytes builds solutions for customers on IOT platforms best suited to the needs. From the development of embedded solutions to cloud connectivity – we excel at developing outstanding solutions currently used by companies globally. More at http://ideabytes.com/internet-of-things

Testing solutions

From Manual Testing, to test automation – Ideabytes Inc is a one stop shop for all testing needs. Among the specialities – Model Based Testing that changes the approach to testing – reducing cost and catching faults early. With our methodologies, automated test cases are ready just as the developers are releasing their code. Contact us for a free consultation!

DG Safety Management Solutions

Complying to ADR, IATA, IMDG, TDG, 49 CFR is a challenge for the best in class transport company. The root cause of the problem is the multitude of rules, reliefs that vary by state and country. The solutions provided are web based and have been trialed for the last 18 months with over a million loads transported since we launched our services with Tier-1’s. From SDS, Declarations, placarding, segregation to 2nd opinion services, we are a one stop shop for Dangerous Goods (HAZMAT) software solutions. More at www.dgsms.ca

Internet based Media Solutions

The internet has reduced the financial outlay required to reach the globe with media. Now anyone with a web cam can start streaming content. These solutions are good for a handful of simultaneous viewers and collapse to stuttering video as the number of simultaneous users increase. At Ideabytes, we believe that video quality at an affordable rate is what producers and distribution technology require. Ideabytes has answered the Challenge with Qezy® solutions that enable a broadcaster to eliminate satellite uplinks and rely on the internet to reach its audience with no geographical limitations. More at www.QezyTv.com




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