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What is Teens4Tech?

Teens4tek is an Ideabytes internship initiative to introduce teens interested in STEM to work with innovative technologies, experience team work, learn communication, soft skills and leadership skills that help with their smoother transition into the workforce upon finishing their studies. Ideabytes vision is to help businesses to continuously achieve greater efficiency in day to day operations through technological innovations.

What skills you can expect to learn with us?

  • Learn to code in React native, Python, Java, Angular, JS, MySQL

  • Design smart solutions for tedious, complex problems using well structured database, code optimization

  • Build mobile apps

  • Build statistical models

Hear out from our Teens4Techers

  • Luka Macieszczak

    Entering 1st year university for Computer Science at Carleton

    Experience with programming: Before coming to IdeaBytes, I had basic knowledge of c++ and javascript. After working at IdeaBytes for over a year, I gained a good understanding of java, learned to manage databases, JavaScript, React Native, webRTC,, and how to use and implement libraries. The program has exceeded my expectations, as I have learned much more about programming than what classes at school offer and learn it in a practical way. I also had the opportunity to work on real applications still being used today.
  • Marko Dzerdz

    First year student at Carleton University

    Interested in Python and machine learning I expect to gain experience, collaborate on and solve engineering projects using my prior and newly attained knowledge.
  • Ryan Farokhi

    Information Tech First year Student at York University

    Interested in JavaScript, C++, and Java I plan to hopefully do something cybersecurity / software developer related as a career. I have lived in Ottawa my whole life where I got lucky enough to experience the Teens4tek program with Ideabytes. At first, I did not know what to expect from this program but quickly I was guided by my mentors and was set on track of working with a team, learning daily, gaining proper experience that I believe will help me tremendously in the future with my plans.
  • Laura Dzerdz

    High School student in Ottawa

    As I entered my internship with Ideabytes, I had minimal experience with IT and was also unaware of what I wanted to pursue in university. Not knowing my sphere of interest was one of the main reasons why an internship sparked my interest since I’m still exploring my options and have yet to learn about different fields. My expectation from the internship is to learn more about IT and the different career options it presents. I also hope to be working on some projects as I learn new skills and hopefully have something accomplished by the end of the program.
  • Yunus Oshaibah

    Entering 1st year university for Computer Science at Carleton

    I have past experience in Java and C++ coding from Highschool. I hope to be able to gain work experience, understanding and knowledge of what it's like working at a company by working the assignments given to me, and an understanding of work atmosphere from this internship.
  • Tim Patenko

    Highschool Student in Ottawa

    Before joining IdeaBytes I had very little experience with IT but loved everything about it, and IdeaBytes allowed me to expand on my passion for IT. My sphere of interest revolves around computers, apps, digital design, and React Native. My expectations from this program were to overall see what the work experience is like in an IT program is like, while also learning to pick up as much new information as I can.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be older than 15 yo and younger than 19 yo
  • Be a High school or university STEM student
  • Be eager to get hands on training from ongoing projects

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What to Expect During the Term?

  • Project-based hands-on learning
  • Continuous mentoring from IT acting professionals
  • Real-life working environment
  • Coaching sessions from our experts
  • Collaboration with future IT leaders like you

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