Secure the Data Stream between App and Server

The Data Stream is the most vulnerable to attacks. A user with valid credentials and low to medium hacking skills can manipulate the stream (e.g. JSON Injection).
Result: Access to data that should stay private. How secure is your Data Stream?
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Protection of JSON Data Streams

Protection from Potential Attacks from valid Users

Protection of Cloud-Stored Data

Apps Protection from Internal Threats

Who Needs Our Support?

If your app has these features, Penetration testing is a necessity. No matter the size of your digital footprint – Security should be a top priority.

Web, Mobile based application that communicates with a server. Call us to know more!
Web, Mobile based application processes user data? Call us to ensure your data is secure!

Financial data? The coveted target of a security breach. Rest assured, we can help ensure the data is secure! Don’t delay – Call us now!


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Complex Solution in Simple Steps

Inside Out Approach
With your permission and legal access to the system, we attempt to access the inner functions, manipulate data, to access records that should be private. ...
We attempt to gain access by looking for patterns in the data segment. Once we find these vulnerabilities, we then guide your developers to protect against them.
Fast and Efficient
Depending on the complexity of the system it could take us 2-8 weeks, and this includes testing Web and mobile interfaces, Bluetooth and LoRa devices, media players etc. ...
We build scripts to be deployed in your test environment to ensure the known vulnerabilities are validated at every release. It is recommended that the security analysis be done at every release and this takes a fraction of the time as the system is already known and mapped.

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