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Why Your Business Apps Need Automated Testing

If your company has an app, or any web-based user program for that matter, it becomes imperative to use Test Automation to ensure quality and stability.

Customer satisfaction is earned with a performing and stable application. Testing is the under-pinning to achieving this and applies to stand-alone applications, on-line presence and digital services. While the objective of every company is to test their products a 100%, reality is that if they achieve 40% test coverage, they have achieved a major milestone. Yes, it is a compromise one takes to get the product out of the door, and ultimately the lack of comprehensive testing is borne by exorbitant maintenance costs and customer dis-satisfaction.

With continuous deployment and Agile sprints, the onus is on humans, that are experienced and having no bad days, to validate a product; a job that becomes tedious, with tunnel vision adding to the reduction of their efficiency. Intelligent Test Automation is the only way to alleviate the difficulties of manual testing, and yes thanks to Ai and machine learning, the effort to automate is now a trivial task that can be performed by a first-time tester to a senior.

Solutions like AiTestPro, eliminates the requirement of experience, domain knowledge and scripting ability. Designed for companies at all levels from Startup to large enterprises and testers that are beginners to experts, it enables the creation and automatic execution of the scripts within hours.

Utopia, what about updates – what does one do when there are release updates? What happens to the automation scripts that were created? With a solution like AiTestPro, the tester regenerates the delta test scripts within hours and the results of the test of each release are available on the AiTestPro dashboard for testers, and management to track in real time.

Machine learning has been a godsend to alleviate the heavy lifting required to generate the test automation scripts. Being a sceptic is a natural response to new technology, and the proof in the pudding is in the eating. Companies like Ideabytes, offer turnkey solutions with opt out options. They offer packages that will automate the testing of the entire web portal within days at a fixed price. Customers can monitor the progress of the test cases and have trouble tickets automatically created in the tracking tool of their choice. Once satisfied, customers can then transfer the knowledge to an inhouse team at an annual license that will not break the bank. The result, every release is thoroughly tested, limitations clearly known to determine whether to release the app to the general public or not.

For those that already have a test framework in place, solutions like AiTestPro does not advocate a rip and replace philosophy. The test cases generated will execute in custom frameworks, with customization to the scripters generating the automated code. It is quick, efficient and one can expect to see efficiency gains north of 30%.

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Ideabytes will help increase product quality with efficient testing strategies and helps companies in domains such as BFSI, Web driven Solutions and Communication domains deploy highly efficient test strategies. Ideabytes offers functional test automation, mobile test automation, performance and security testing services. With extensive experience and skills in a broad range of tools, frameworks, and methods, in-sourcing or out-sourcing solutions help companies realize their goals within budget and in time to meet the market window. Learn more about Ideabytes Test Solutions here and contact us today to see how we can help you deliver a reliable quality product to the market..

Anna Anthony
29 April, 2021