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How A Mobile App Can Help Your Business

Mobile apps have become a powerful tool to privately maintain and grow business with their client base. This is true in every business sector, companies have found ways to use apps to their advantage, whether it be for customer loyalty programs, communications, payment programs, scheduling, direct sales and more. Apps are so versatile, that there is no real limit to what can be done with them, and how they can be used.
Mobile apps offer a wide range of advantages for businesses that are trying to grow their clientele and increase customer engagement and retention. Below are listed 4 ways that having a native app can help your company.

Build & Cultivate Customer Loyalty

Apps provide a much easier way for clients and customers to interact with your brand. Overall, they are more accessible than a website, and because of the way they can be coded, provide a much more user-friendly option. This ease of use leads to a higher level of customer satisfaction, which leads to better customer retention. It also provides customers a way to review all their transactions, re-order previous purchases, all with the privacy between customer and company.
A perfect example of this is the Starbucks point system app. While this program could be run through a web-based app, having it in a native app is much easier for the user, and leads to a higher rate of use. The rewards program helps to keep customer retention, so overall the app has a positive ROI for the company.

Increase Your Accessibility

Because apps can be reached very easily through home screen icons, it allows your customers to be able to interact with your company and brand much more easily. This can be seen as a good thing in more than one way - not only is it providing an easy-to-use customer interface, but because they can interact more easily, it makes them more familiar with your brand and company. Often times companies that provide poor customer experiences will “hide” from their customers or make it harder to reach them. A mobile app puts your brand out there into the hands of every customer, demonstrating your openness and increases their trust.
The ability of apps to have a pop-up message on the main interface, allows a company to interact with the user on a regular basis. While emails are ignored, the pop-ups are viewed and acted on by the end user.

Make Your Brand More Human

The last point leads directly into this. Because of the increased exposure to your customers, your brand will appear much more “human” to them. Suddenly you provide a conduit for them to interact with your brand on a daily basis, and your company then becomes a part of their day-to-day lives. This type of common interactions leads to extreme brand loyalty – a mobile app for your company can give you permanent top of mind awareness for your customers, so they never even consider other brands.

Build a Database of Clients

As soon as an app is downloaded to a phone, it can gain access to a wealth of information on that person. Suddenly you can build a database of your clients and group them by various filters and profiles. You can see your customers based on operating systems, geographic location, how often they log in, how long they stay logged in for – the list goes on. This type of information is invaluable for businesses as it lets them properly remarket to their audience, and also allows them to cater their solutions to them as well. This again can help build up immense brand loyalty – as long as access to the data isn’t abused. Ask for a consultation.

Anna Anthony
22 March, 2021